Noelle Nieva is a rare find in the world of body work. She possesses a magical combination of laser focused sight and intense, intuitive, healing touch. She trusts both what she sees and what she feels to create profound change in the bodies she works on. I have first hand knowledge of her ability; After suffering from chronic hip pain that was hampering me as both an athlete and a coach, I turned to Noelle as a last resort. After just a few sessions I was pain free, back to training and feeling as good as new—For a fitness professional and athlete over-40 that’s saying a lot! Since then, Noelle has become an essential part of my rest, recovery and maintenance routine. I see her weekly to keep me tuned-up and on track.Whether you are an athlete, a weekend warrior, or a desk jockey Noelle will get you moving in the right direction. Book an appointment. Seriously. You won’t regret it.
— Elizabeth Wipff, Lead Coach, CrossFit Virtuosity / Yoga Tune Up®/Tune Up Fitness national presenter
As a professional dancer, working with Noelle has greatly helped me to maintain a functional well balanced body. She is a therapist who is invested in long term body health for her clients versus a quick fix temporary treatment. Her body work is interactive and she is constantly retesting range of motion and working with you to recalculate the best way your body can work for you. I learn something new about my body every time we work together, which directly helps my dance career but more importantly my life longevity! I always leave our sessions with new energy and circulation zipping through my body. In other words Noelle keeps me feeling alive!!!
— Jenny Powell, Dancer Amanda Selwyn Dance Theatre / Pilates Instructor
I spend about six or seven hours a week at Clay weight training and doing Pilates. So it’s not uncommon for me to need help getting out the kinks. But even more than that, I’ve had issues with my left shoulder and serratus and occasionally with my hips. So it’s been highly beneficial for me to see Noelle Nieva. Not only have her massages helped me tremendously, but also she’s gone out of her way to watch my form while training (specifically doing overhead presses, dips and squats) and give me feedback. Thanks to things she’s noticed, I’ve been able to make subtle changes that have really helped alleviate some of the pain I’ve experienced. And on top of that, she’s taught me how to use therapy balls so that after my training sessions, I’m able to get into the small spaces where tightness has sprung up in the past. If it weren’t for Noelle, I think I’d still be waking up with pain in my left side.
— Ronnie Zizmor
I’ve joked to friends that when I’m asked for insurance purposes to indicate who my primary care physician is, I write in the name of my massage therapist and bodyworker, Noelle Nieva. But I’m only kind of kidding. Noelle’s massage therapy and expert advice keeps me healthy. No matter how my body is feeling as a result of how I’ve been using it — whether running, CrossFit, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, sitting at my computer endlessly, or texting — Noelle is able to figure out how to best treat me so that I am restored to pain-free movement. She does so not just in massage sessions, but on an ongoing basis by recommending mobility practices and exercises between visits. I got back to running after knee surgery thanks to Noelle’s bodywork. I am able to do jiujitsu because she has helped me figure out how to care for my hips. My overhead mobility is hugely improved thanks to her recommending what lifts to do to strengthen my shoulders. Although I rely on Noelle to provide expert advice and amazing massages, she also empowers me to care for myself. Even though I’ve been seeing her for almost a year, I’m consistently impressed with her extensive, comprehensive knowledge of human movement, and her ability to deeply integrate that with attentive bodywork and massage. Anyone who has a body, whether they move it a little bit or a lot, with weights or without, quickly or slowly, should see Noelle.
— Sally Tamarkin, BuzzFeed Fitness editor
As a student of Ido portal and a CrossFit coach, I spend around 30 hours per week training and another 30 hours teaching. Those combined hours beat me up quite a bit and many times restrict me from reaching both strength and mobility goals. I’ve now been working with Noelle for a couple of years and I can honestly say she is a goal focused body worker who gets it done. She is great at both the small body parts, like hands and feet, as well as the larger ones like your back muscles (lats). Noelle keeps me moving and I’m very happy to recommend my students, family and friends to her.
— Matthew Bernstein, Owner, Boulder Movement Collective
Over the past several years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Noelle. Outside of a great massage, she asks questions and approaches her work with intelligence and specificity.
— Vincent Piazza, Actor
There is no one better than Noelle. Not only is she extremely gifted in her ability to assess and treat problem areas, she offers personalized care and support that goes above and beyond. After undergoing five shoulder surgeries, for the first time in my life, I am pain free and able to perform movements I never thought possible. She is in my phone as “Goddess Noelle” because she is nothing short of a miracle worker.
— Margaret Lewis
Noelle is outstanding at sports specific bodywork. I work my body to its limits 6 days per week and Noelle is a necessity for optimal recovery. She is great at locating the root of the problem (which is not always where it hurts) to allow muscular release. I recommend Noelle to all my fellow athletes looking for some relief!
— Erica Giovinazzo, Brick CrossFit Coach, Nutritionist
For a number of years I have been fortunate to have Noelle Nieva as my regular massage therapist. Previous to working with Noelle I had both a physical therapist utilizing ultra sound and a massage therapist utilizing point massage to keep a chronic back issue under control. Since working with Noelle my incidents of back issue and range of motion have been resolved. I am a serious age appropriate tournament level tennis player who plays competitive tennis with many former college players 15 to 20 years younger on a regular basis.
— Alan Sorrell, Business Owner, client for 12 years